Dominique Khalfouni

@ Etoile of the Paris Opera Ballet and The National Ballet of Marseille, Roland Petit

After starting to dance at the age of four and a half years Dominique was accepted into
the Paris Opera Ballet school at the age of nine and graduated into the Paris Opera Ballet
under the instruction of Yvette Chauviré.
In 1976 she was named ‘Etoile’ after dancing the role of Anastasia in the ballet ‘Ivan the
Terrible’. Her promotion was unique in the fact that she was elevated to the role of Etoile
without first becoming a first soloist.
Dominique danced the lead roles in all the classical and neo-classical repertoire.
During the same year as her promotion to Etoile Pierre Lacotte created for her the pas de
deux ‘Le Papillon’. The world premier of this pas de deux was December the 23rd and
Pierre Lacotte himself danced as her partner as a guest artist.
She danced with many notable male stars during her career such as Roland Petit, Michael
Denard, Manuel Legris, Denys Ganio, Patrick Dupond, Peter Schaufuss, Mikhaïl
Baryshnikov, Vladimir Vassiliev and Rudolf Nureyev.
After performing with ‘American Ballet Theatre’ for six months, Dominique joined the
National Ballet of Marseille of Roland Petit.
During the late 1990’s Dominique started to teach at the National Ballet School of
Marseille created by Roland Petit.
In 2004, having moved back to Paris Dominique started teaching at Rick Odums ‘Institute
of formation’ where she taught pre-professional young dancers.